Author: James Kendley
James Kendley launched his fiction career in 2009. He has published numerous short stories and two novels, The Drowning God and The Devouring God. He has written and edited professionally for more than 30 years, first as a newspaper reporter and editor, then as a copy editor and translator in Japan (where he taught for eight years at private colleges and universities), and currently as a content wrangler in Northern Virginia.

Tom Bradley’s Energeticum/Phantasticum

No matter how many books you buy this year, Energeticum/Phantasticum is a keeper. With the possible psychoactive properties of the watermark, the typographical flourishes, and the swanky crimson margin glosses, it’s a fine little book, and I’m seriously jealous of Tom Bradley now.

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The Rare Earth Age of Sci-Fi

Sci-fi taxonomists take note: We are now officially in the Rare Earth Age of Science Fiction.

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THE DEVOURING GOD in paperback from Harper Voyager

Runaways in southern Japan are stripping the flesh from their victims, and only a disgraced former detective can stop the spreading madness in this dark and thrilling sequel to The Drowning God, in paperback now from HarperCollins.

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

  The poor cell phone image above is the scene that greeted me when I crested Capitol Hill on Jan. 21, 2017. It’s a crappy photo partly because I could barely see for my tears. I’m not often overcome with

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Unfriending the Darkness

Lots of bruised egos and hurt feelings this election cycle. Online friendships have been strained and broken, new alliances forged between unlikely social media partners, and more than one profile suspended altogether due to the rancorous and disheartening discourse of this pivotal campaign

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The Drowning God is Here!

The Drowning God, a paranormal thriller by James Kendley, available from Harper Voyager, ebook July 28, 20105, mass market paperback Sept. 1, 2015! The Drowning God is one of 30 projects selected out of 4,500+ submissions for Harper Voyager’s new digital-first expansion. THE DROWNING GOD

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My blog post on Five Japanese Books of Mystery and Imagination blog post about books that changed my mind about Japan and directly influenced The Drowning God.

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Science Friction: An Experiment

1) Read “Trade Surplus” 2) Watch Andrew Swainson’s “I Lovely Cosmonaut” (music by Monstrance, 2007) 3) Repeat 1) and/or 2) as needed 4) Report effects in Comments section TRADE SURPLUS They first exported mesh bags of green plastic army men,

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Family Romance: Our Cup of Meat

Kendley Fiction confirms it: Bizarro fabulist Tom Bradley exists, and he appears to be entirely human. Taller than most, and much redder, but still. I know Bradley exists because he taught alongside me at a Japanese institution of higher learning in the mid

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Blame Horror Movies, Pt. II: Late-Night Time Capsules

Spirits of the Dead A 1968 French-Italian production of three Edgar Allan Poe tales, narrated by Vincent Price. Federico Fellini signed on to direct the segment “Toby Dammit” thinking the other segments would be directed by Orson Welles and Ingmar

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