Author: James Kendley
James Kendley launched his fiction career in 2009. He has published numerous short stories and two novels, The Drowning God and The Devouring God. He has written and edited professionally for more than 30 years, first as a newspaper reporter and editor, then as a copy editor and translator in Japan (where he taught for eight years at private colleges and universities), and currently as a content wrangler in Northern Virginia.

The Monster in My Office

There’s a monster in my office, and it gnaws at me. This monster dwells in the twilight world between life and death, never daring to crawl out of the shadows. It’s too hideous for the light of day; bloated and

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Blame Horror Movies, Pt. I: The Mystery of Dead Ernest

For decades, Atlantans argued that Dead Ernest was none other than Ted Turner. That’s right. We honestly believed that before satellite Superstation WTBS, before CNN or The Cartoon Network, before Turner Network Television or Turner Classic Movies, this media mogul had

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The Role of the Troll

I rest easy in the long, lonesome place between completing a novel and making the sale, all thanks to a forum troll. It’s not fun, mind you. Agents queried thus far have passed. Contests and direct submissions aren’t panning out

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…always with you… is mobile. Now I go anywhere you go. As a matter of fact, I’m right behind you.

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