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The Rare Earth Age of Sci-Fi

Sci-fi taxonomists take note: We are now officially in the Rare Earth Age of Science Fiction.

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Family Romance: Our Cup of Meat

Kendley Fiction confirms it: Bizarro fabulist Tom Bradley exists, and he appears to be entirely human. Taller than most, and much redder, but still. I know Bradley exists because he taught alongside me at a Japanese institution of higher learning in the mid

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Blame Horror Movies, Pt. II: Late-Night Time Capsules

Spirits of the Dead A 1968 French-Italian production of three Edgar Allan Poe tales, narrated by Vincent Price. Federico Fellini signed on to direct the segment “Toby Dammit” thinking the other segments would be directed by Orson Welles and Ingmar

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Blame Horror Movies, Pt. I: The Mystery of Dead Ernest

For decades, Atlantans argued that Dead Ernest was none other than Ted Turner. That’s right. We honestly believed that before satellite Superstation WTBS, before CNN or The Cartoon Network, before Turner Network Television or Turner Classic Movies, this media mogul had

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Guest post: Radio-reared

Kendley knows nothing about music. He is a radio-reared musical dilettante. Kendley, as he has chosen to call himself here, has only two vinyl LPs: Black Sea and Skylarking. Kendley has said he bought Black Sea in late 2006 mainly

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