More than a century of professional editing experience is available to you through Kendley and his associates.

1) Make inquiries here. Emails with attachments will be deleted unread. Please include your name and general location, a description of the project, your assessment of what pricing it qualifies for (please see 2, below), and what you need from us, especially as it differs from what we offer below.

2) After confirmation, send the MS hard copy SASE or via attachment (.doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf) to the address provided, and we will determine where it fits on the following pricing schedule:

Novella length and longer:

• self-edited manuscripts—$1.50/pg.

• first or second drafts — $2.50/page and up.

Manuscripts shorter than 20 pages (about 6k words):

• $0.01/word for self-edited work

• $0.02/word for first or second drafts

NOTE: A “page” as above is defined as one sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, 1 inch margins all around, Times New Roman 12 pt., double spaced, about 250-350 words.

If we can’t agree on a price, we’ll return your manuscript with a general critique as time (and your SASE) allows.

If we agree on a price, you’ll send 50% up front, the remainder due upon completion.

If your pitch is complete, include it with your manuscript, and we’ll proof, edit, and critique free of charge. If it’s incomplete, send it anyway, and we’ll do what we can.

That’s good pricing, but if you’re actually starving, make an offer. If you can make up the difference with other goods or services, we’ll work something out. The barter system is still alive and well, as far as we’re concerned.


If there are egregious typos and grammar/syntax issues, we call it “first or second draft.”

If the content looks pretty clean but there are to/too/two, their/there or its/it’s issues, we know your spellchecker is working, but you aren’t. We call it “first or second draft.”

If the content is generally clean but in need of tightening and polishing, you’ve edited well enough to qualify for “self-edited” pricing.

This pricing covers the macro and the micro:

—Proofing (mainly by Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and Chicago Manual of Style, but we will resort to Words into Type when CMS doesn’t cut it)

—edits for style & voice consistency (for individual characters and for narration/exposition)

—bias and fairness review

—critique and suggested solutions for structural issues incl. pacing problems, extraneous exposition, character gaffes, plotline contradictions, etc.

—error spotting (not fact-checking)

—general critique and ideas/verbiage for a pitch

This pricing does not include:

—rewrites (though we usually cannot keep ourselves from offering extensive suggestions)

—fact-checking or other research (unless it turns up in a casual search on our part to make sure we’re right).

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

We will work harder than anyone else

to make your manuscript shine.

We reserve the right to return any manuscript at any point in the process, return paid fees on a prorated basis, and invoice for unpaid fees within the limits of the agreement.