l'Assiette au Beurre No. 156 - 1904- illustration by Jossot

Hmm. Let’s see what we have here…

Join the fun. Play games on the following pages and send results to jk@kendley.com!


…range from newfangled ebooks to edifying antiquarian volumes of great moral significance, all depending on your level of involvement as defined below.


1) You must be signed up for the kendley.com newsletter to win prizes.

2) Any single game or puzzle (A Frühstück Fracas, Enter the Hospital, The Day Room) must be completed to the best of your ability. There is LOTS of partial credit, but neatness counts.

3) Make me laugh, liebchen, and the world is yours. That’s always been rule #1, even though it’s rule #3 here.

4) No deadline. Make as many attempts as you’d like.

Please specify the name of the game or puzzle in the subject line. All entries become the intellectual property of kendley.com when you hit the submit button. They may appear in blog posts or on this page. If you wish to keep your entry anonymous, please start the body of your email with the tag <ANONYMOUS>.

And remember: puns and anagrams are key.